Connecting to Family - May 10th

Scripture Reading…Matthew 6:25-34


The Sermon on the Mount. That is where our reading comes from today. What do we do with this sermon? On one hand it seems almost impossible to put into practice what Jesus is teaching and saying and yet, on the other hand, there is no doubt that he expects us to actually do what he preaches in this sermon. So, here we are…the words of Jesus are not difficult to understand, but they are really hard to put into practice.

If we are ever to be successful in practicing these words, we MUST hear Jesus’ call to “seek first the kingdom of God.” We have no chance of being consistent with the call of Jesus in this sermon if that doesn’t happen. Our families have no chance of growing in the faith if we are not seeking first the kingdom. What does seeking the kingdom of God first look like?

  • It means praying together. Serving together. Worshipping together.

  • It means letting my faith impact EVERY decision I make, large or small.

  • It means my kids don’t just see me loving Jesus on Sunday, but every day.

  • It means saying, I am sorry, when we as parents mess up.

  • It means being different and acting differently than the world around us.

  • It means asking the right questions…Is this (whatever this is) going to bring honor to Jesus? Will what I am about to do or NOT about to do damage my reputation as a follower of Jesus? What would Jesus do in this situation?

  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • Walk at least one mile today.

  • Respond to the online community.

  • Two things to do today…

  • First, I want you to skip a meal (if you are medically able to do so). Replace that meal with a time of prayer, replace that meal with a time of meditation, a time where you draw near to God. Whatever time you would normally take to eat, dedicate it back to God. Let him be your food for the day.

  • Second, I want you to add to the list above in answer to the question, what does seeking the kingdom of God first look like.

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