Connecting to the Church - May 29th

Scripture Reading…1 Corinthians 12:12-31


The church was God’s plan. It was his idea. Rest assured, we, God’s creation, have often made a mess of his plan, there can be no doubt being together in community was in the heart of God from the beginning. If that is true, and you have to disregard the word of God completely to believe it isn’t, then why do we often treat the church as if it really isn’t that important. Why do we often put anything and everything before gathering with our faith community?

While gathering with the church is not the only way to grow in the faith, it is certainly a big way. And, as you just read in 1 Corinthians 12, when someone is missing from the body, the church, it hurts the whole body. You might think that no one misses you when you are gone, and the last time you missed a few Sundays, someone may not have called you to check on you. Regardless, God misses you when you aren’t there. And you are missing out on another opportunity to draw near to God and to encourage your brothers and sister, regardless of if they do that to you or not.

Being connected to the church matters. It is another one of the reasons why we have done this whole challenge. We want you to connect with God and his Son Jesus, we want you to connect with the word of God and increase your love and knowledge of God, and we want you to connect with other believers. Flawed, imperfect, make you mad sometimes, don’t always get it right believers. Commit to the body of Christ. After all, he died for the church, he reveals even more of himself through the church, and according to 1 Corinthians 15 it is the church that will be handed back to God when the last trumpet sounds and Jesus returns to get every last believer. You don’t want to miss that!!!


  • Walk at least one mile today.

  • Respond to the online community.

  • Sing LOUD in church, especially if you are a man. Don’t be content with mumbling as if it’s somehow embarrassing to have a male voice.

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