Connecting to Family - May 13th

Scripture Reading…James 1:21-27


Have you considered the “Gold Standard” in parenting? The gold standard is a monetary system where a country's currency or paper money has a value directly linked to gold. The value of Gold is a fixed standard. When we measure an inch, we use a ruler. If we want to know how a child is doing in school, we look at the grades they have received. We are very familiar with standards. In parenting, our goals must be considered if we are to establish a standard. Do we hope to produce educated children? Athletic children? Happy children? Faithful children? I suggest that all of the greatest goals we have for our kids would pale in comparison to the goal of raising them to become faithful Christian adults.

But who do we hold up as the standard in parenting? How about Adam & Eve, the very first parents? One of their sons killed his brother. If we chose the parents of Jesus, we must remember that most of the children they raised we not believers, (John 7:5). Maybe we could choose David & Bathsheba? They raised the wisest, most successful and accomplished man in the history of the world! King Solomon, (1 Kings 4:29-30). But wait, David & Bathsheba? (insert shocked emoji here) They were a mess! Their marriage is above all else, cringe worthy! And that fact, should swell our hearts with hope! If they could raise a Solomon, what could we do? With Jesus’ help, we will raise world changers! Leaders! Titans of the faith and victors of righteousness!

In James 1:21-27, we read about success. It’s not just the thoughts one thinks, it’s the actions one takes! Holy scripture will prepare you for action. Action that will result in blessing! If you want to be successful in your parenting, do it by the Book! Study the Bible and let it guide you into every decision. Live in front of your kids the life you hope they will aspire to live! God our Father is the “Gold Standard” in parenting, and He sent His Son on a mission of self-sacrifice. He so loved the world so much that His Son became the deepest and fullest expression of love that could ever be known!


  • Walk at least one mile today.

  • Respond to the online community.

  • Write a letter to your kids/parents. What are your goals? What are your hopes? How can you all work together to become all God has planned for your family to become? Take God’s word seriously and create a “plan of action” for the success of your parenting/family!

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