Connecting to God - May 2nd

Scripture Reading…Psalm 139:1-24


Psalm 139 is one of my (Steve) favorite Psalms. It reveals so much about God: his power, his love for his people, and his divine knowledge. Look at verse 1, “O Lord, you have searched me and known me!” I love that David ends that sentence with an exclamation point. He is genuinely excited about God’s knowledge of him. Think about that!!! David, the adulterer. David, the one who murdered a man by the hand of an enemy army. That David is excited that God has searched and known him. That says a lot about David’s view of God. David knows he is loved, David knows he is forgiven, David knows that God is not scared away by his knowledge of all David’s flaws and issues. He is not scared off by his knowledge of you either.

He still considers all of us “fearfully and wonderfully made.” As we start this Connection Challenge today, maybe it is time for you to RE-connect with this awesome God. Don’t let your past keep you from the future he has planned for you. Don’t let your sin define you. Don’t let the chorus of other voices keep you from staying connected to the creator of the world and the giver of every breath we take. Like David, ask him to search you, and know your heart and then ask him to lead you in the way everlasting.

Whatever he reveals when you ask him to search you, just know it will NOT separate his love from you. In fact, what he reveals he wants you to allow him to deal with. Don’t hide from him, don’t hold back. After all, he already knows when you sit down and rise up and he discerns your thoughts from afar. He knows youand loves you still. Always has, always will. As your connection to God grows this love will begin to chip away at those sins that are battling for our attention, he will transform us by that love into a better version of ourselves that will bear a remarkable resemblance to his one and only Son.


  • Walk at least one mile today.

  • Three laps around the parking lot at church is roughly a mile. Why not meet up with some brothers or sisters and walk together. It doesn’t have to be at church (three laps around the parking lot is roughly a mile)…it could be your neighborhood, the park, the mall, but why not ask someone to join you in the journey. (By the way this mile walk will be a part of every daily challenge)

  • While you are walking (if you are by yourself) or on the way to or from the mile walk, say a prayer. Ask God to search you and lead you in the everlasting way.

  • Respond to the online community. Post a comment on the devotion, or comment on someone else’s post. Go to the church webpage click on the Connection Challenge banner and have fun!!!

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