Connecting to God - May 5th

Scripture Reading…Romans 8:31-39


There are benefits to connection with God!! Unbelievable, unexplainable, incomparable benefits. What you read today are my (Steve) favorite verses in all the Bible. Think about what Paul just said, connected to Jesus Christ…

· God is always for us, never against us.

· God is a giver.

· God is a justifier.

· We have a Savior who intercedes for us.

· We are MORE than Conquerors.

· God is never separated from us.

No matter what the world throws at us, it cannot “unconnect” us from Jesus!!! This text tells us that not even death can separate us from God. Amazing. What an awesome God we have. What an unbelievable love he gives to his people.

Let these truths motivate you to connect or reconnect with Him. I can promise you; you will never regret connecting to Jesus Christ. You will never regret going all-in with your savior. That doesn’t mean everything will always be easy, or everything will always go your way in this life, but it does mean he will never leave your side. Paul asks a great question, “If God is for us…who can be against us?” The answer is a whole lot of people…but that doesn’t matter and here is why…It is God who gave his son for you…it is God who justifies you through Jesus actions, not yours…it is Jesus who died and was raised for us, and it is Jesus who intercedes for us, and there is NOTHING this world, or people, or Satan himself, can do to separate us from him.


  • Walk at least one mile today. Don’t forget to ask someone to walk with you!!

  • Respond to the online community.

  • Warning: This is going to be difficult! Take five minutes…turn off everything, get to a place where there are NO DISTRACTIONS and reflect on how God loves the entire world and how Jesus loves you!! Set a timer…ready…set…go!!!

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